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Ground Lamb

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Ground lamb is sourced from the shank and the neck, as well as trimmings from the breast, flank, leg, loin, rib or shoulder. Be careful not to overwork ground lamb when you are forming patties or sausages. Ground lamb makes amazing lamb burgers, meatballs, and pasta sauce with a twist. Or go Middle Eastern with moussaka, kibbeh, or stuffed grape leaves. Or skewer it and grill it. The possibilities are endless and yummy!

Ways to cook: Stir-fry, grill, saute

Size: Packed in sealed vacuum packs

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Suggested recipe: Lisa’s Lamb Burgers

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4 Reviews

Shoshana Kaufman Mar 21st 2021

Great for lamb burgers

Once again, we served your ground lamb as burgers Shabbos/Chanuka dinner and we, our guests, & our children were overwhelmed by the phenomenal taste. "How many can I have, Mommy? Are there any left, Mommy? Maybe we should count and see how many each person can have?" Keep in mind this is 4lbs of meat for 4 adults and 5 children following everyone's already having eaten a fish course. In fact, I am shocked to say as I realize this, they go more crazy over your meat than over desserts & treats! What an incredible blessing and gift you have given us.

Ginna Green Oct 16th 2020

Amazing lamb

I made two KOL Foods briskets, and the most *amazing* lamb meatballs. People really loved the brisket, but kind of lost their minds over the lamb. <3

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