KOL Foods offers the ONLY organic-fed, glatt-kosher, 100% pastured chicken in the USA through our Amish Meadow chicken line, 100% pastured turkey through our Amish Valley turkey line, and 100% pastured duck through our Amish Lake duck line.

Few people realize that chickens, turkeys, and ducks are omnivores so it's very important for them to be outside where they can eat bugs, worms, seeds and grass. Eating a varied diet keeps them healthy and happy by curbing boredom from always eating the same thing in the same space. So we work with nature and move our birds outside as soon as they are large enough. In addition to what they harvest themselves, the birds are fed a special, organic, local feed blend.

Our poultry live healthy and active lives, and they contribute to the soil health of our farms. This is great news for nature and for your health, but also for your taste buds! With KOL Foods, you can taste the synergy, and feel great about the meat you eat! This is what chicken is supposed to taste like! 


(From left to right: Whole Broiler, Whole Heritage Chicken, Whole Duck, Whole Turkey).

KOL Foods is the only provider of 100% pasture-raised kosher heritage chickens. Our heritage birds hail from a time before industrialization demanded faster-growing, heavier-breasted chickens. These birds are built fundamentally different than our Broilers and Julia roasters, and that is on purpose. This allows for a much healthier ratio of breast muscle to the skeleton, giving our Heritage birds much more freedom of movement and comfort as they go about their lives on pasture. The typical broiler/roaster chicken has been bred over time to have an unnaturally large breast, which while good for the consumer is detrimental to the health of the chicken. Our heritage birds are our attempt to reverse some of this process and work towards a system that is not only healthier for our planet, but also for our chickens.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the varied diets of our animals that contribute to flavor expressions that are unique to grass-fed and pasture-raised animals. Our meats all have a much more complex flavor than regular meats, especially our poultry. This is most true with our Heritage birds. These birds are predisposed to get almost all of their nutrition from foraging. They are highly active on the pastures, often finding sources of food we weren't even sure were available. This activity and drive to feed contribute to a vastly different experience of chicken than anywhere else on the market. They make be shaped a little differently, but their flavor is second to none! These chickens taste the way chickens were always meant to taste- just as delicious as our 100% Pasture-raised Broilers, in their own special way.

All KOL Foods poultry products are glatt kosher. The hechshers are found on the butcher's label on the back of each package.

Our Poultry Standard

  • 100% pastured after brooding

  • Raised on non-industrial family-owned farms

  • Free to eat grasses, seeds, grubs, bugs or feed supplement, and are treated with vegetable chop and scraps from our farmers’ gardens and tables


For additional nutrition, our poultry is offered a feed supplement that is:

  • Organic

  • Certified GMO-free

  • All-natural

  • Vegetarian

  • Locally grown and milled

  • No arsenic added

  • No antibiotics

  • No hormones or steroids added*


*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.