Certifications and Shechita

All KOL Foods products are certified glatt kosher.

The Star-K is our hechsher, they certify all KOL Foods meat and poultry. (See the Star-K site for more information.)

KOL Foods Beef (both AT and GR) and Poultry are chassidishe shechita. (Lamb is not chassidishe shechita.)

In addition to the Star-K, our Duck are shechted and butchered in a facility that is also under the supervision of the CRC.
The Turkey Shawarma and Smoked Drumsticks and Wings are cooked in a facility that is CRC certified.

Green Memberships and Information

  • American Grassfed Association - We are the only kosher member of the premier grass-fed organization in the USA
  • KOL Foods is a Gold-level Green America Approved business
  • We are excited to use only eco-friendly plant-based coolers
  • KOL Foods is a Montgomery County (MD) Certified Green Business
  • LEED (green building construction) Our headquarters are LEED Silver Certified
  • We use only Green-e Energy Certified 100% WGES WindPower
  • Our bank, TD Bank, has been carbon neutral since February 2010
  • One of our slaughterhouses converts its waste to bio-diesel for its trucks

USDA Government Certifications

  • Glatt Kosher
  • 100% Grass-fed certified (Beef and Lamb)
  • 100% Pastured (all products)
  • Never fed GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • No added antibiotics
  • No added growth hormones*
  • No confinement in barns, pens or feedlots
  • Fed all vegetarian diet
  • No added nitrites or nitrates

Shechita Information

The environmental and health impacts of animal farming and the humane treatment of animals are of huge importance to KOL Foods. Our healthy, humanely treated animals eat what they evolved to eat and live free on pasture. So it should come as no surprise that this balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but also delicious flavor. "100% grass-fed” means that animals are free to wander around spacious green pastures for their entire lives. In contrast to corn-fed animals in feedlots, animals that exercise by walking around and grazing produce much cleaner and nutrient-rich meat. For example, 100% grass-fed beef and lamb do not require antibiotics to survive and rarely get sick. In contrast, Mad Cow and E. Coli are entirely feedlot produced disasters. KOL Foods doesn’t settle for less than 100%.

Currently, all of KOL Foods’ lamb, chicken, turkey and duck is schected at slaughterhouses that use animal-welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin's methods. These abattoirs are located near our ranches so the animals don’t travel far. KOL Foods carries two lines of glatt-kosher, 100% grass-fed beef – AT (American Tradition from the US) and GR (Grassland Range from South America). KOL Foods’ beef - no matter its provenance - is produced using "gold standard" slaughter techniques developed by Dr. Temple Grandin. Customers who are looking for leaner, more affordable 100% grass-fed, kosher beef might want to consider GR beef.

As the only glatt-kosher purveyor that exclusively sources 100% grass-fed meat, our mission is to enable people to simultaneously live by both their traditional and modern values (in an age where it can be quite tricky to do so) and not have to choose between them. We want you to truly know and trust that our beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck are healthy, humane, sustainable and deliciously mouthwatering. KOL Foods is what glatt-kosher should be.