For customers in CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA and ID


KOL Foods West Coast KOLective- cheap shipping to your doorstep in the Western US!

If you live in the American West: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington or Idaho, and like KOL Foods meat, we just made your life a lot better! If you reside in the pink area on the map, then please read on for exciting news. 




Welcome to the West Coast KOLective!

  • Delivery to your doorstep: check.
  • Shipping rates that don't break the bank: check.
  • Available to people in six states: check. (Please don't all order at once! ;-D)

With the West Coast KOLective, we will ship all KOLective orders on a frozen truck. Once it gets to the West Coast, your order will continue to your doorstep via FedEx Ground service. You get to enjoy delivery to your home. Your order stays frozen throughout. All this for shipping rates that rival those we offer on the East Coast!

KOL Foods works hard to make grass-fed kosher meat and poultry available to everyone. We know that high shipping costs and limited pickup windows can be a hurdle. So we came up with the West Coast KOLective!


How It Works:

When the KOLective is open, place your order normally, before the deadline, on the KOL Foods site, and select the West Coast KOLective as your shipping method.

The shipping cost is $32.50 for up to 40 lbs of meat.

Please count approximately two weeks from the order deadline until the delivery to your home. Once your order is handed off to FedEx for the final delivery to your home a day or two before delivery, you'll receive a shipping notification.

We plan to have a West Coast KOLective in Winter, and for Pesach, July 4th, Rosh Hashana and Thanksgiving. If interest warrants, we can add additional KOLectives in between.

With any questions, please reach out to us at



Upcoming West Coast KOLective Dates

Order Deadline

(always at noon Eastern)

Shipping Date
Rosh Hashanah

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

Week of September 5th