Want to start a Buying Club in your area? Here's How!

Thank you very much for your interest and support of KOL Foods and its mission!

We are happy to offer reduced shipping costs through Buying Clubs which we run at Pesach, July 4, Rosh Hashana, Thanksgiving, and Winter (and more often if there is interest). Each Buying Club requires a Point Person or institution to act as an organizer. If you are up for the challenge or have more questions, please Contact Us!

Point Person Duties:

  • Arrange a delivery location. Normally a JCC, school, shul, or synagogue. We cannot deliver to residential locations. Venues with loading docks are highly preferred, and will contribute to lower shipping fees. Venues with a good sized refrigerator to hold the orders between delivery and pick-up, will make the pick-up scheduling easier. 
  • Spread the word to your community! We will help give you informational materials, such as draft emails to distribute during the order collection period.
  • Be present for the delivery and pick-up, to help make sure that everyone received the correct order.

** Remember, you are not alone! We will be there to support you!

Other Details

  • Flat rate shipping per order - $15.00-$30.00, depending on location
  • Minimum number of orders - approx. 12 orders, depending on location

Questions? Contact Us