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Lamb Shoulder Roast

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Succulent, well marbled cut. Perfect for slow cooking in pot roasts, stews, curry or more. Remove the net, stuff, and roast as well for a delicious, flavorful meal.

Ways to cook: Grill, stew, braise, roast

Size: sold by the piece, boneless and netted, one roast per vacuum pack

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Suggested recipe: Lamb Shoulder Roast with Beer
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4 Reviews

Ellen McBarnette Sep 4th 2020

Best lamb

Yum! My family loved the lamb, I got from you last time, especially the roasts. Very tasty, very tender. I, of course, pretended it was my cooking that made it taste so good!

Lynn Golberstein Apr 14th 2015

Perfect for Pesach

The lamb on Pesach was delicious! Thanks for your help with the cooking tips.

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