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85% Lean Ground Beef Chuck

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Our small batch, 100% pure and simple ground meat comes from 100% grass-fed and finished glatt kosher beef forequarters, and makes for the perfect burger at your summer barbecue or kreplach in your Bubbe’s soup. 
Hamburger vs Ground
According to the USDA, the only difference is the fat. Hamburger can contain subcutaneous fat and various trimmings that have been exposed to the environment of the packinghouse and are thus susceptible to contamination. And it may have been treated with ammonia hydroxide gas to destroy pathogens. This is why we only do ground beef.
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1 Review

Jonathan Finkelstein Sep 3rd 2020

Ground beef (AT) Top Notch!,

Very simple, burgers made from the 85% lean ground beef need no, zip, nada, condiments to give them their delicious taste. I chronically loaded burgers with ketchup to enhance their taste. Now, it would almost be criminal, or at least a shandah, to interfere with the amazing taste of the cooked beef. My taste buds say thank you for this gift.

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