100% Grass-Fed Beef

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85% Lean Ground Beef Chuck

Our 100% pure and simple ground beef comes from our 100% grass-fed and finished glatt kosher forequarters, and will make the perfect burger at your next barbeque. 

Hamburger vs. Ground: According to the USDA, the only difference between hamburger and ground beef is the fat. However, hamburger can contain subcutaneous fat and trimmings that have been exposed to the environment of the packinghouse and are thus susceptible to contamination. It may have been treated with ammonia hydroxide gas to destroy pathogenic bacteria. This is why we choose to only do ground beef.

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Suggested recipe: Burgers on the Grill

Ways to cook
Grill Pan Fry or Sear Roast or Bake
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3 Reviews

Annie Stone

Amazing hamburgers

We had the ground beef as hamburgers BBQ'd last night. Nothing was done to the meat except shaping it into Patties. They were the best hamburgers any of us have had ever-incredible-the hot dogs were yummy as well.

Jun 1st 2021
Jonathan Finkelstein

Ground beef (AT) Top Notch!,

Very simple, burgers made from the 85% lean ground beef need no, zip, nada, condiments to give them their delicious taste. I chronically loaded burgers with ketchup to enhance their taste. Now, it would almost be criminal, or at least a shandah, to interfere with the amazing taste of the cooked beef. My taste buds say thank you for this gift.

Sep 3rd 2020

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