100% Grass-Fed Beef

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90% Lean Ground Beef

This American Tradition ground beef is the leaner cousin of our wonderful Ground Beef. From our 100% grass fed and finished beef forequarters, this makes a wonderful cookout burger or is delicious stir-fried with vegetables.

Size: Sold by the piece, individually vacuum packed

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Suggested recipe: Burgers On The Grill

Ways to cook
Grill Pan Fry or Sear Roast or Bake
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Susan Heller

Great Burgers

I really prefer the burger blend of short ribs/ ground beef but have been reducing fat. I find this 90% ground beef to be very tasty and moist. I usually defrost it and make it into 5 oz patties and freeze. I usually cook it as a patty or stir fry.

Sep 6th 2021

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