KOL Foods is pleased to serve stores, restaurants, camps, schools, synagogues, Hillels and other companies and organizations.

Setting up a KOL Foods wholesale account:
If you work for a company or an organization that would like to order larger quantities of our healthy, humanely raised, environmentally sound, and incredibly tasty meat, please follow these steps:

First, set up an account on our website.
Then contact us with the following information:
  • The email address linked to your KOL Foods account
  • Your contact information (phone number and email)
  • The name of your business or organization and its Tax Identification Number
  • The full name and address to be associated with the account
  • An estimate of how much meat (in lbs) you expect to order per year

With this information we will create a wholesale account for you and we will contact you with any further questions and send you our wholesale price list.

Contact us by email or call our Wholesale Hotline at 888-366-3565 with any questions, and to receive our Wholesale Price List.

How to Place a Wholesale Order:

Step 1:
Log in
You must log in before adding items to your cart. If you see items with prices ending in .99 or .49, you are seeing retail prices and are not logged in.

Step 2:
Place your order.
If you have any questions, please drop us an email or give us a call.
Step 3:
Select your shipping method.
The FedEx options shown at checkout are based on your shipping address, and ensure that your meat will arrive still frozen, within 48 hours of leaving our warehouse.
Note that while Buying Clubs are available to our wholesale customers, we may have to adjust the shipping cost.
For orders over ~250 lbs of KOL Foods products, it might be advantageous to send a frozen pallet. We will contact you when this is the case.
Step 4:
The website allows for two payment options:
  • Direct payment by credit card; or
  • Payment by wire or check (Net 15)
If you pay by wire or check your order may not be shipped until the wire is received or the check clears. This decision is at the full discretion of KOL Foods.
For faster service, please email us a photo of the check.

Checks should be made payable to "KOL Foods". Include your order number in the memo line, and mail to:
KOL Foods
7981 Eastern Ave. #216
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Please note:
  • All KOL Foods products are sold and shipped frozen.
  • Our online or price list prices do not include shipping.
  • Orders large enough to require shipment by truck (based on weight and destination, in consultation with the customer) may qualify for an additional discount of up to $0.25/lb.
  • 2% discount applies if paid by check. 2% discount and $15 wire fee apply if paid by wire transfer. Discount is applied only on the price of product.
  • 100lb minimum per order. Orders over 150lbs shipping weight cannot currently be processed by our system; if your order exceeds this weight, please split the order into parts, and note in the comments field that they should be combined. KOL Foods staff will combine the orders and recalculate the shipping rate.
  • Coupons, discounts (including Family Value Discount) and other offers only apply to retail orders, unless specifically indicated otherwise.
  • Orders placed by telephone may be subject to a $50 service charge. If you are a new customer, this fee will be waived for your first order. We are always happy to answer any questions.