From the Canelones region of southern Uruguay, Grassland Range beef is certified by the Government of Uruguay as well as the USDA, which guarantees that our Grassland Range line is 100% grass-fed and finished. 

This beef is raised in concert with nature, not in industrial feedlots. Uruguay’s native campo terrain is a natural pastureland and has been traditionally used as open cattle range for generations. Unlike neighboring South American countries, Uruguay has no rainforests – big open sky, cool running streams and lush green pastures. Uruguayan gauchos preserve the culture of their regions while raising their animals the old fashioned way - as simple as cattle grazing on grass the way nature intended. It is better for the environment, better for families and tastes delicious.

In an effort to minimize our carbon "hoofprint”, we are pleased that Grassland Range beef is transported by ship. Although a slower trip, voyage by ship is the most energy efficient. So although Grassland Range beef travels from farther away, the additional energy is actually minimal. 

The environmental and health impacts of animal farming and the humane treatment of animals are of huge import to KOL Foods. Our healthy, humanely treated animals eat what they evolved to eat and live free on pasture. So it should come as no surprise that this balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but also delicious flavor. 

As KOL Foods grew, we were able to exert increased pressure on South American abattoirs, and they have agreed to use slaughter techniques that match our highest humane standards and ethical ideals, as codified by Dr. Temple Grandin.

At KOL Foods, we know our cattle and tell you their story. We are committed to transparency, sustainability, animal welfare and your health so you can feel good about the meat you eat.