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Whole Heritage Chicken

Kosher heritage chickens can only be purchased at KOL Foods! Our heritage chickens are Barred Plymouth Rocks, an American breed that dates back to the early 1800s. Ours are raised to the exacting standards of the American Poultry Association. These birds are raised in no rush, and should be cooked the same way - to bring out the best texture and flavor, please cook your true heritage chickens low and slow.

Size: One whole heritage chicken, individually wrapped, may contain the neck.

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Ways to cook
Braise Grill Roast or Bake Soup or Stew
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3 Reviews

Leah Boor

Real chicken

I have ordered heritage chicken a couple of times now and it is FAR superior to the "c-monsters" (Cornish cross broilers) one finds in the store. More flavor, more moist, more delectable. Sure low 'n slow is necessary, but loading in the crock pot makes it an easy task. You don't even need salt or pepper; let the chicken be! These are more like the birds we all would have eaten before people started messing with genetics. I'm so thrilled for a kosher bird that suits my values and my taste buds.

Jul 5th 2021
Nia Key

Heritage Chicken is supreme

I tasted the Heritage Chicken and the flavor is like nothing I have tasted in chicken. It was outstanding.

Mar 17th 2021

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