100% Pastured Organic-Fed Chicken

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Whole Broilers

Bring home our European-style broilers - reminiscent of the Old Country! Pecking around green pastures, our chickens grow health and humanely. Grass-fed chicken develops a much more intense flavor unparalleled in conventional chicken. When you roast our pasture-raised chicken, you’ll discover a new meaning in the phrase, “it tastes like chicken!”

Size: Whole chicken, individually wrapped, may contain the neck. 

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Suggested recipe: Simple and Elegant Roasted Chicken

Ways to cook
Braise Grill Roast or Bake Soup or Stew
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2 Reviews

Bliss Simon

Fantastic chicken

Thought you would like to know that my seder guests LOVED the chicken. Such a simple recipe. No one was told the source of the chicken until after the rhapsodizing about the flavor. At my synagogue we are providing meals for a sick woman. She is a personal friend and her husband told me the white meat that I sent to them was fabulous. Let me not ignore the delicious top of the rib we had in a very simple braise last night. Delicious. Not only was the chicken moist and tender, but we really felt we could taste a real difference in this chicken over others we have eaten either at home or in restaurants. It’s not an unusual recipe, but somehow it just tasted more fully-flavored.

Aug 9th 2020
Flora Hearst

Delicious chicken

The chicken was a success. Everyone was raving about how delicious the chicken was. Everything went well, baruch Hashem. The whole bat mitzva was really wonderful, we had a wonderful time, and I very, very much appreciate the role your company played in making it happen. So thanks!

Sep 15th 2016

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