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Whole Turkey

Our organic-fed, glatt-kosher, 100% pastured turkeys spend their lives outside, eating bugs, worms, seeds, and grass. They are certified GMO-free, and contain no arsenic, antibiotics, or hormones. No hormones or steroids added. Our turkeys are reminiscent of a time before industrialization, when poultry was free to roam!

Size: One whole turkey, does not contain giblets. May contain the neck.

Portion guide: 1 lb. of turkey per person for light eaters, 1.5 lbs. per person for heavy eaters. Want leftovers? Add ½ lb. per person.

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Ways to cook
Roast or Bake
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3 Reviews

Julie Weisman

Best turkey

I must tell you that I can speak for both families involved. We have never received such extraordinary customer service, ever. To find a company with both outstanding products and unsurpassed customer service is absolutely unheard of. Other companies should follow your lead because you surely know how to produce the highest quality meats and keep your customers loyal. My guests are still talking about our Thanksgiving turkey!! Thanks Again

Dec 4th 2014
Nora Cofresi

Really grateful for your products

I just ordered my family's Thanksgiving turkey from you, and just wanted to thank you in advance for making it possible to honor my commitment to humane farming and slaughter practices. We eat much less meat these days (better for our hearts, I think) but knowing there is a decent place to buy good food - raised as G-d provided - makes me so very happy.

Oct 9th 2014

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