Our Allegheny Highland Lamb tastes as sweet as the mountain air that nurtured it! The Allegheny Mountains are home to countless small family farmers that use their land for raising lambs since it is too hilly to grow crops. The lambs keep the land from eroding and simultaneously help to sequester carbon. Grass-fed lamb is one of the richest sources of cancer-fighting CLAs and Omega 3, and is low in cholesterol, not to mention delicious!

As with our beef, we work with farmers and ranchers to transition their farming practices to regenerative systems. "Just a little" grain makes a difference! Grass-fed lamb's benefits disappear after just a short while on grain.

All KOL Foods lamb products are glatt kosher. The hechshers are found on the butcher's label on the back of each package.

Our Lamb Standard

  • 100% grass-fed, 100% grass-finished and 100% pastured

  • Raised on farms that do not use GMOs

  • Raised on non-industrial family-owned farms and ranches

  • Never confined to pens or lots

  • No antibiotics or added hormones

  • Our lamb is used in many Halal groceries which give it their certification.

  • Shechita techniques and "green" certifications