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Lamb Riblets

Lamb riblets are cut from the breast, one of the tastiest and fattiest parts of the lamb. The fat is integral to the cut, and you don’t need to trim it before cooking. Lamb riblets make for a delicious finger food - their small size makes them perfect party fare. Roast them ahead of time and pop them under the broiler at the last minute to crisp them up.

Size: Sold by the piece, two strips of ribs per vacuum pack, bone-in and uncut

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Suggested recipe: Honey Mustard Lamb Ribs

Ways to cook
Grill Braise Barbecue and Smoker Barbecue and Smoker Roast or Bake Marinade
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Lisa Blake

Lamb Riblets were delicious

Love your lamb riblets ! Love ALL your stuff

Nov 20th 2017

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