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Chicken Soup Bones

Our chicken soup bones are the secret to making the most incredible stock you've ever tasted! Packed with nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, collagen, and essential fatty acids, these bones add a depth of flavor that will take your soups and broths to the next level. They're perfect for creating homemade chicken stock that is both delicious and nutrient-rich. Try our suggested recipe for Grandma Rosie's Basic Stock and experience the true essence of homemade goodness. Make your soups unforgettable with our chicken soup bones!
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Soup or Stew
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4 Reviews

Robyn Wilks

Amazing soup bones

I have purchased your chicken bones and I have had the best bone broth ever. Thank you.

May 15th 2016
Alina Vosk

Great for chicken soup!

I made chicken soup for Shabbat,using bones received from KOL. It was INCREDIBLE in taste,what a difference.

Feb 29th 2016

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