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Beef Soup Bones

Soup, glorious soup! Just brown the bones and add wine, root veggies, onion, spices and simmer. So simple to make and so amazingly healthy. Beef broth in your fridge or freezer is like a goldmine!

Ways to cook: Did you know that chefs distinguish between "white" and "brown" broth? For white broth, simply simmer the bones in water (add your choice of aromatics: carrot, onion, etc.). For brown broth, roast the bones first for an extra punch of umami and depth, then simmer.

Size: Vacuum packed bags, contains a mix of knuckle, neck and chuck bones

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Suggested recipe: Grandma Rosie’s Basic Stock Recipe

Ways to cook
Soup or Stew
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Hannah Steinblatt

Great soup bones

I have a cart full of bones for broth. My nutritionist recommended it and suggested Kol as the best place to find high-quality kosher meat products.

Oct 5th 2016

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