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2nd Cut Brisket

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The 2nd Cut Brisket is well marbled and makes for an incredibly juicy roast with a really intense flavor. Due to its higher fat content, this brisket is a great choice for roasting and smoking. 

Ways to cook: Braise, roast

Size: by the piece, individually vacuum packed

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Suggested recipe: Balsamic Braised Brisket
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2 Reviews

Debra H Nov 27th 2021

Perfect amount of fat for deliciousness

Best brisket. Perfect amount of fat within the brisket - not globs of fat on top. Cooked at 325 for 4.5 hours, so tender, so delicious, family enjoyed. Have to say I felt this was really super high quality and provided excellent value

Frances Klein Oct 22nd 2020


in the grassy field. This brisket is beyond any I've ever had. It requires no pampering, just season as you wish, and cook low and slow. Delicious and falls apart. If you don't have a good carving knife, it doesn't matter -- just pull it apart with a couple of forks. Consistently excellent quality. My highest recommendation.

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