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Chicken Liver (raw/not kashered)

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An old-school delight. Our 100% pastured livers are full of vitamins A & B, folic acid, and iron. If lightly browned on both sides and cooked to perfection, our raw chicken livers are creamy and soft.

Sold raw - requires kashering. See here for kashering instructions, or contact your rabbinic authority.

Ways to cook: Broil, pan sear

Size: Vacuum sealed pack

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Suggested recipe: Poultry Liver Mousse

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1 Review

Colleen Rose Nov 22nd 2013

The best stock

The chicken liver is going over like gangbusters with the baby, and she's loving the stock I made with the bones...can't wait for the next order, it'll be a big one so I can stock the freezer!!! thank you again...I'm so glad I found you…

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