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Petite Bistro Tender

Juicy, flavorful, and one of the most tender cuts of meat, Petite Bistro Tender is similar to a Filet Mignon. It comes from the chuck area and is somewhat lean, and cooks up quite quickly. This tenderloin-shaped muscle is ideal for 1-2 people, and can be cut into medallions for quicker cooking. 

Size: 1 strip boneless, approximately 0.4 - 0.7 lb. (GR) or 0.6 - 1 lb. each, individually vacuum packed

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Suggested Recipe: Faux Filet Mignon

Ways to cook
Grill Roast or Bake Marinade
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2 Reviews

Alan Viterbi


The petite filets you shipped us were, without a doubt, the best meat I have eaten since I began keeping kosher more than 40 years ago. Just phenomenal. And far better than the filets we have enjoyed in Israel. Thank you for revolutionizing kosher cuisine. (And for making my wife no longer feel deprived when we married and she agreed to keep a kosher home.)

Sep 10th 2016
Setsuko Omeda

Delicious steak

I cooked the petit bistro strips today and just wanted to tell you how beautiful they were!

May 4th 2016

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