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Netted Turkey Roaster

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Ready to roast, these two netted breast fillets are the lean substitute for a whole turkey. Perfect for stuffing, or even smoking, the skin keeps it moist no matter which method you choose!

Ways to cook: Broil, roast, smoke

Size: 2 boneless, skin-on turkey breasts netted together, 1 roast per vacuum pack

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Suggested recipe: Herb Crusted Turkey Roast
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2 Reviews

Temima Goldberg Shulman Oct 10th 2021

Turkey roaster

I haven’t had meat/poultry in a long time. For a special diet I was told I could switch up the chicken with turkey. I always believed I wasn’t a big turkey fan, until I had this roaster. Delicious, moist, wonderful texture. Prepped it in minutes and cooked with zero fuss. Excellent quality.

Adam Eyring Nov 28th 2020


With Thanksgiving different this year due to covid-19, we tried out the turkey roaster to support a local farm and get something organic. It was delicious and had great texture. We didn't think about bones much, but were pleasantly surprised this was about 4 lb of flesh. A bit too much for the 4 of us to eat right away so plenty were stored as leftovers in freezer. The flesh cooked well using typical turkey cooking suggestions and even my fussy son liked it more than turkey in the past. The turkey was delivered packed in jute, which is perfect for reusing in craft projects. Thank you!

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