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The deckel comes from the pectoral meat and is often left with the chuck after the brisket is removed. The deckel is the secret heavy hitter of the briskets- intensely flavorful, melt in the mouth when cooked properly, and beautifully marbled.

Size: Sold by the piece, boneless, individually vacuum packed

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Suggested recipe: Pesach BBQ Brisket

Ways to cook
Braise Soup or Stew
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Jonathan Finkelstein


We were looking for a leaner and less expensive alternative to brisket. Deckel was recommended by a local butcher. In fact, we were looking for a seasoned corned beef, when the Deckel was offered. Once we tried it, we were hooked. It tastes as good as brisket and does not need any special handling or preparation. We season it like brisket and cook it the same way. A 3+ pound Deckel yields generous servings for two good, adult eaters for Shabbat supper and leaves about 1/3 for slicing for sandwiches during the week. Betayavon!

Aug 9th 2020
Alan Gordon

Best Deckel

I just wanted to tell you how phenomenally impressed I was, not only with the quality of the meat but also with the quality of the customer service. People could cut the deckel with a plastic fork!

Oct 10th 2015

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