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This traditional Jewish cut - it even has a Yiddish name! - is ideal for stewing, braising and simmering. Plenty of liquid and slow, low heat on the stove, in the oven or in your slow-cooker will create fork-tender, intoxicatingly flavorful meat. Your KOL Foods meat and your favorite vegetables will meld together for a wonderful Shabbat dinner.

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1 Review

Jonathan Finkelstein Aug 9th 2020


We were looking for a leaner and less expensive alternative to brisket. Deckel was recommended by a local butcher. In fact, we were looking for a seasoned corned beef, when the Deckel was offered. Once we tried it, we were hooked. It tastes as good as brisket and does not need any special handling or preparation. We season it like brisket and cook it the same way. A 3+ pound Deckel yields generous servings for two good, adult eaters for Shabbat supper and leaves about 1/3 for slicing for sandwiches during the week. Betayavon!

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