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Osso Buco

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Italian for “bone with hole”, our Osso Buco is full of nutritious marrow. Soft and silky when cooked long and slow. It has an amazing flavor and produces a rich, gelatinous sauce. Braise with vegetables, wine and broth for an incredible stew. Or serve it on its own garnished with lemon, garlic and parsley. 

Ways to cook: Braise

Size: 1 - 1.5” thick cross cut beef shanks (some meat may have come off the bone)

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Suggested recipe: Osso Buco Milanese
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1 Review

Ellen Tabor Apr 3rd 2016


I got my first order from you last week and I am so impressed. The meat was DELICIOUS, and unbelievably tender (particularly for kosher meat). I ordered Osso Buco, beef-fry and merguez. I served that Osso Buco and beef-fry at a dinner party this weekend; none of my guests was Jewish and the all LOVED it.

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