Simple Turkey Neck Soup

You may be feeling a bit intimidated to take on cooking turkey necks. Don’t fret! It’s super easy and very similar to roasting any other type of meat. When prepared properly, turkey necks are a wonderful, fall-off-the-bone comfort food!


1 lb Turkey Necks

2 Carrots

1 Yellow Onion

1/3 cup Rice

2 Potatoes

1/2 cup Chopped Green Onions

1/3 cup Chopped Fresh Dill

Boil turkey necks with onion and carrots and season in a cooking pot. Boil everything together for about 60- 90 minutes, until turkey neck bones are falling apart.

Remove turkey necks from the cooked broth, set aside. Drain the broth through the strainer to remove pieces of onion and carrots.

Place turkey necks back into the pot with broth. Add in rice and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

Once the rice is cooked, add in the potato pieces. Let it simmer until all ingredients are fully cooked. Serve with fresh herbs.