Grilled Kosher Heritage Chicken

Here are two ways that we at KOL Foods like to grill our pastured, organic heritage chickens! They are both fantastic, and we recommend that you try each! 

Pre Roasted

Brine whole chicken overnight in a simple brine of ⅛ cup salt ⅛ cup sugar per gallon

Butterfly or split in half

Cover with herbs and spices or bbq rub

Roast in a covered pan @ 275°F for about 20-25 minutes per pound.

Remove from pan and finish on grill basting with olive oil and bbq sauce.

Pressure Cooker

Butterfly a whole chicken or split in half

Pressure cook 1 inch of water with chicken sitting above water on canning plate at 15lbs for 3+ minutes

  • 3.0lbs or less - 3 minutes
  • 3.5lbs - 4 minutes
  • 4.0lbs - 5 minutes
  • +½ lbs = +1 minute

Remove from pan and pat chicken dry and let it cool down for a few minutes

Finish on grill basting with olive oil and bbq sauce.