KOL Foods Old Tradition Beef puts the tail in "nose-to-tail eating". We are thrilled to bring you delicious traditional cuts of beef from the hindquarters (tails) of our American Tradition glatt kosher cattle. The "tail" is where the most treasured and tender cuts come from: Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Sirloin steaks and Top Round roasts. Recently, these cuts have only been available kosher in Israel and Latin America. We are excited and proud to make these cuts available to you again right here, from domestic, 100% grass-fed, glatt-kosher beef.

Old Tradition Cuts are certified glatt-kosher by Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim, Av Beit Din of the Sepharadi communities of Queens, NY, and president of BD”Z Mekor Haim.


Preparing a Kosher Beef Hindquarter

From Biblical times until today, kosher cattle, lamb and other ruminants underwent a process to remove the blood, forbidden fats and nerves from the hindquarter of the animal. This process is called niqqur in Hebrew, treibering in eastern Yiddish, and porging in western Yiddish. The forequarter of a steer requires less time to properly prepare this way than the hindquarter, which includes the sciatic nerve and the fats that surround it and must be removed.

At KOL Foods, we are taking the extra time to prepare and butcher the whole animal from nose to tail and make the wonderful cuts of the hindquarters available to our kosher customers. We treasure each animal and are pleased to provide as much of it to our customers as possible. [more info]


Nose to Tail Eating

Nose to tail eating is a philosophy in which one eats the entire animal thereby honoring the animal's sacrifice and reducing food waste. This is why KOL Foods offers organ meats, bones and hindquarter cuts as well as the most popular items such as brisket and ground meat.