Choose Your Own Chicken!

Is your team in the big football game this coming Sunday? If you're in it to win it or in tune with the commercials, your snacking game will be the real winner. We've made this fun chart to help you stretch your culinary creativity, whether you're a wing fan or a drumstick kind of person.

First choose your favorite chicken part:

Drumstick – Rich and juicy dark meat is fun and easy to eat.

Wing – The ultimate party food! Because our chickens walk around outside all day and flap, flap, flap away, our wings are meatier than any other you’ve had before.

Tender – Slice up a boneless breast fillet into strips and you’ve got some great snackin’.

Next, chose your flavoring:

Honey Adobo1 can smoked chipotle peppers,
equal amount of honey. Blend thoroughly
Toss your chicken in sauce, then cook.
Spiced UpUse your favorite spice blend, or try
ground pepper and curry powder,
Italian herb, or everything bagel spice
(salt, sesame seeds, dried garlic, dried onion)
Coat your chicken with a bit of neutral olive or vegetable
oil, give a heavy sprinkle of
your spice mix, then cook.
BreadedPanko bread crumbs or the last
bits of challah from Shabbat, egg whites, and your favorite blend of spices
Beat two egg whites, coat
chicken in white, then into
the breading. (This method is
best when baked)

Now, how do you want to cook?
(use low setting or
4-5" from flame)
(Preheated grill,
medium heat)
Wings400 degrees
35-40 minutes
20-25 minutes, flip
once during cooking
20-25 minutes, flip
once during cooking
Drumsticks400 degrees
45-50 minutes
25-30 minutes, flip
once during cooking
25-30 minutes, flip
once during cooking
Tenders375 degrees
15-20 minutes
10-12 minutes, flip
once during cooking
10-12 minutes, flip
once during cooking