Rib Roast with Cosmopolitan Sauce

A fancy roast for a special occasion, the sauce lets the beef shine and adds a nice depth of flavor. The cranberry sauce also pairs well with turkey and chicken!

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Rib Roast with Cranberry Cosmopolitan Sauce

What you Need:

AT Beef Rib Roast (or another roast you like) - count approx. 1lb per adult

Salt, pepper and garlic powder for seasoning (to your liking)

1/2-1 cup of red wine

Cranberry Cosmopolitan Sauce (see video and instructions below)

What You Do:

Make the Cranberry Cosmopolitan Sauce.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees F.

Mix the salt, pepper and garlic powder, and thoroughly season the roast. Then sear on all sides in a hot pan with a little oil or sear on the grill.

Take the roast, slather it with the sauce and put it in a roasting pan on a rack or on top of a bed of thickly sliced onions. Put into the oven. Pour the wine into the roasting pan.

If you're so inclined, you can slather more sauce onto the roast once or twice during the cooking.

The best way to know when it’s done is to use a thermometer: 120 F for rare, 125 F for medium-rare, 130 F for medium. Cook until the temperature is 5-10 degrees shy of your desired doneness, I recommend medium-rare . . . about two hours or maybe more depending on the size of the roast.

Remove the roast from the oven, cover with foil, and let rest for about fifteen minutes. Slice and serve with the remaining cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Cosmopolitan Sauce

I love this sauce because it takes the standard canned cranberry sauce and kicks it up to the next level. Now, if you’re really adventurous and have a lot of time on your hands you can use fresh cranberries and cook them up, but who really has time for that.

What you Need:

1 can of your favorite cranberry sauce

1 orange

1-2 oz sweet lime juice

2-3 shots of your favorite vodka

Diced pineapple (optional)

Grated horseradish root, or a spoonful or two of horseradish sauce (optional)

Fresh mint leaves (optional)

What You Do:

Empty the can of cranberry sauce into a sauté pan. Put it on very low heat. Squeeze in the juice of one orange, then add the rest of the ingredients, except the horseradish and mint, if using those.

Simmer for about ten minutes. The heat should burn most of the alcohol off. I suggest adding the vodka slowly, just to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Add grated horseradish as you turn off heat, and stir into the sauce.

When still warm, this sauce is easy to brush or spoon over the Rib Roast. Allow the rest to cool, garnish with mint leaves, and then serve with the roast.

Cranberry sauce, it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

L’Chaim . . . Avi