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Heritage Chicken Gizzards

Kosher heritage chickens can only be purchased at KOL Foods! Our heritage chickens are Barred Plymouth Rocks, an American breed that dates back to the early 1800s. Our heritage birds have a healthier ratio of breast muscle to the skeleton, contributing to the comfort of our birds' lives and producing an outstanding flavor.

Similar tasting to dark meat chicken, chicken gizzards are wonderful in your soup, gravy or stuffing. They are best marinated and tenderized. Filled with protein and your whole daily serving of B-12, our chicken gizzards pack in plenty of flavor. Pickle them, fry them in hot sauce, or add them to a stew!

Ways to cook: Saute, fry, pan/skillet cook, braise, roast

Size: Packed in bags by weight

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Suggested recipe: Turkey Gizzard Stuffing (substitute Heritage Chicken Gizzards)

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