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Reuse, recycle, and make your flowers grow!

KOL Foods is excited to use only eco-friendly jute coolers. The jute cooler's natural insulation is made entirely from renewable jute plant fiber, placing a much lower burden on the environment than traditional Styrofoam coolers. Best of all, the plant fibers are sourced from 100% recycled content, so even when coolers are put in the regular trash, no new material enters into landfills.

Life Cycle of a Jute Cooler
1. The jute plant (pictured) grows mainly in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.
2. The jute plant is harvested for its fibers and made into burlap bags for coffee beans.
3. The used burlap bags are then recycled in the USA into sustainable cooler liners.
4. A jute cooler arrives on your doorstep, full of KOL Foods meat and poultry.
5. You compost the jute fiber and it returns to the earth.

Our Jute Cooler boxes consist of three parts: 1. a cardboard box, 2. a jute fiber liner, and 3. a plastic bag that encases the jute fiber. All three can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Recycle it! Recycle the plastic encasement at your local grocery store or recycling center and recycle the cardboard box through your regular curbside pick-up.

Compost it! Take the jute fiber out of the plastic encasement and toss it into your compost or find an urban farm or farmers market that takes kitchen waste. [Composting Guide]

Throw it out! The jute material is made from burlap bags used for coffee beans, so it adds no new material to landfills.

Reuse it! If you live near KOL Foods HQ in Silver Spring MD, bring in your coolers for reuse and we will give you store credit.